Best of NAFCU’s 48th Annual Conference and Solutions Expo (Video and Educational Highlights)

Credit union leaders from around the country gathered to network and discuss the most pressing issues impacting the industry during NAFCU’s 48th Annual Conference and Solutions Expo in Montreal, Canada. The conference was NAFCU’s largest event in nearly a decade.

Here’s a quick video of some highlights from this year’s conference:

During the conference, attendees heard from NAFCU management and leading industry professionals that included keynote conference speakers such as Founder and CEO Jeremy Gutsche, and MasterCard’s General Counsel and Chief Franchise Officer Tim Murphy.

Solutions Expo at the NAFCU 48th Annual ConferenceThis year’s conference included the annual Solutions Expo, spotlighting the latest technologies, applications, and resources available to help improve credit union operations.

Our Preferred Partners exhibited during the conference and shared their thought leadership, innovations, and solutions during educational sessions throughout the conference.

The complete list of sessions and available presentation slides are available on Here’s a quick listing of key topics presented during the conference to help your credit union grow, retain members, manage risks, protect members, and improve overall operations:

Topic Category Presentation Title Preferred Partner
Growth & Retention Building A Strong Payments Strategy Vantiv
Health Savings Accounts, IRAs and Millennials: A New Generation Presents New Opportunities  Ascensus
Using Credit Scores to Grow and Engage Membership VantageScore
Why Your Credit Union Should Offer Wealth Management Services to All Members Money Concepts
Risk & Security A Deep Dive Into EMV Implementation MasterCard
Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation: Protect Your Member Data Knowledge Consulting Group (KCG)
Top Ten Fraud Risks That Impact Your Financial Institution Allied Solutions
Uncovering the Faces of Fraud Q2
Using Moneyball Tactics and Risk Rating Assessment Models Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
Financial & Insurance Trends in the Retirement Plan Industry Pentegra Retirement Services

Thanks again to the 2015 Annual Conference signature sponsor MasterCard, our 5-star preferred partner sponsors Allied Solutions and Vantiv, and all of our partner sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at NAFCU’s 49th Annual Conference and Solutions Expo in Nashville (Music City) next year! Get more information, sign-up for updates on the latest conference details, and register by visiting

Preferred Partners to Shine at the 47th Annual Conference in Las Vegas

Join the more than 1,200 credit union leaders, experts, and solution providers gathering next week at NAFCU’s 47th Annual Conference and Solutions Expo to discuss the most pressing issues impacting the industry. A wealth of education, innovation, and networking opportunities will energize you and your team and positively impact your operations and bottom line.

Be sure to schedule an hour on Wednesday afternoon to hear John Ulzheimer’s thoughts on Credit Scoring: Separating Myth from Reality. John, a nationally recognized credit expert, always gives fascinating insights on the credit union universe. This session, presented by VantageScore Solutions, is scheduled at 1:00 pm and repeats at 2:15 pm.

Many of our Preferred Partners will also be in Las Vegas to meet you and to share their innovations and solutions at 16 educational sessions outlined below. Note that many sessions will be repeated this year so you don’t have to choose. Download a schedule at a glance with times and room locations.

It’s not too late to join your colleagues in Vegas. Register for the convention here.

EMV: It’s Time to Talk to Consumers

Originally posted on Vantiv’s Blog.

Guest post written by Patty Walters, Senior Vice President of Merchant Products and Security for Vantiv.

Vantiv is presenting at NAFCU’s Technology and Security Conference, Feb. 11–13 in Las Vegas. Learn more »

In a recent Vantiv/Mercator study, only 15 percent of U.S. consumers said that they have an EMV equipped debit or credit card. That’s not surprising, since the industry is still in the early stages of rolling out EMV. What is surprising is that two-thirds of that group said that they have used their cards in chip mode in the U.S. That’s just about impossible, given the relatively small number of EMV terminals out there. It’s more likely that the chip-card owners used their cards in the traditional way by swiping the mag-stripe.

Still, that finding indicates that consumers are a little confused about EMV. (The study also found that one in five weren’t sure whether they actually had an EMV card.) But why shouldn’t they be confused? To them, this is a new and largely unexplained technology.

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Omnicommerce: The Member Data Dilemma

Originally posted on Vantiv’s Blog.

Guest post written by Lorena Harris, VP of Corporate Marketing, Vantiv.  In the third part of this three-part series, Lorena discusses how providing a consistent customer experience across channels is a critical component of omnicommerce.

Lorena is presenting the “Mobile Payments and the Omniconsumer of the Future” featured session at NAFCU’s 2014 Technology and Security Conference, February 11–13. Save $150 with code HOLIDAY; expires January 10. Register today »

As merchants develop their omnicommerce capabilities, they will be interacting with customers in more ways across more channels. That means that they will have access to a much wider range of information about consumers to use in their marketing efforts. But with power comes responsibility…

Merchants today know how to run discount and promotion programs, but more data means more opportunity to enhance those programs. Such incentives are already an effective way to modify consumer behavior: In recent Vantiv/Mercator research, more than four out of ten respondents said that they would switch from their current preferred payment type to another type if it meant getting a discount on a purchase or a reward. Having more consumer data to work with will let merchants target those programs with increased precision.

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Omnicommerce: The Innovation Imperative

Originally posted on Vantiv’s Blog.

Guest post written by Lorena Harris, VP of Corporate Marketing, Vantiv.  In the second part of this three-part series, Lorena discusses how providing a consistent customer experience across channels is a critical component of omnicommerce.

Vantiv is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for ATM, Debit Card & Gateway Processing; Credit Card Processing & Servicing; Merchant Services.

With constantly rising customer expectations, a key element in the formula for omnicommerce success will be an ongoing focus on innovations that make shopping easier and faster for consumers.

We are already seeing a number of omnicommerce-related innovations coming from merchants. For example, Staples recently opened the first of several dozen office-supply “omnichannel stores” designed to bring various retail channels together for the customer. These stores have kiosks spread around the store to provide product and in-store item-location information and to let shoppers buy from the Staples website. In addition, employees have tablets that they can use to help customers find products and information as they shop. All of this engages customers—and helps keep them from using their phones for the kind of showrooming behavior that will lead to lost sales.

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