Carpe Diem – Living in a Post-Durbin World

The NAFCU CEOs and Senior Executives Conference this week has featured some outstanding presentations, including noted management guru John Spence (author of “Awesomely Simple”) and financial services expert Brett King (author of Bank 2.0).  But for me one of the more meaningful presentations came from Royal Cole, Vantiv’s Financial Institution President.

Last year everyone was uncertain about the impact of the Durbin amendment and the myriad of other new financial services regulations.  Flash forward and we now have a sense of what the future landscape is going to look like, which means that credit union executives should be assessing how (or if) their strategic plans need to change to adapt to the new reality.

Royal’s presentation was focused on precisely this point – titled ‘Carpe Diem – Living in a Post-Durbin World,’ it zeroed in on the growth opportunity facing credit unions today, and more importantly what we need to do to take maximum advantage of it.

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