Nine Credit Union Industry Experts Tell Us What To Watch For In 2012

I like to say that one of a visionary leader’s most important functions is seeing over the horizon and recognizing opportunities and threats before anyone else does, and then shaping the strategy and tactics of the organization accordingly.

So for our year-end blog post I asked our Preferred Partners to tell us what they see coming over the horizon, from their perspective, that credit union executives need to be focused on and/or prepared for as we head into 2012.  Here is what a few of them said —

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Top 10 Questions About Mortgage Subservicing

As a mortgage lender, your credit union has a lot on its plate from deal sourcing, new loan boarding and escrow administration to monthly billing and payment processing. There is, however, the option to outsource these and other mortgage servicing activities to a skilled subservicer. By taking these operations outside of your credit union you can free up valuable time and resources and instantly gain access to a broad range of mortgage experts, opening doors to take on a wider range of mortgage products and ultimately serve your members better.

Sounds pretty good at first glance, but we wanted all the facts. For a credit union that has never done any outsourcing of mortgage servicing, what are the key issues to consider in order to figure out whether it might be a good fit?

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