Latest Debit Issuer Study Finds Credit Unions Can Benefit from “New Normal”

Guest post written by Steve Sievert, Executive Vice President, PULSE Network. Steve brings the debit issuer study to life in this free webinar »


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Credit unions are experiencing a “new normal” in the debit business, even though most are not bound by the interchange cap imposed by Regulation II. Despite some downward pressure on interchange rates and increased caution throughout the financial services industry, credit unions have competitive advantages when it comes to growing their debit card portfolios.

In the 2013 Debit Issuer Study commissioned by PULSE, we found that issuers continue to grow their debit volumes even in the face of significant regulatory changes. Fraud continues to be a challenge, but issuers are seeing success in mitigating fraudulent activities. And many are looking beyond classic demand deposit accounts with debit cards to other means of expanding their payments businesses.

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