What Would Derek Jeter Do?

Normally I don’t bring up that I’m a Yankees fan. It doesn’t go over well. But it’s that exciting time of year, when my team has won the division and is looking good heading into October.

It is the Yankee’s competitiveness that makes them so fun to watch. And captain Derek Jeter is a great example. He does it all. He has won 5 Gold Gloves and five World Series, and he recently became a member of the 3,000 hits club. He takes winning (and the Yankees) to a new level.

Derek JeterYou can see Derek Jeter’s competitiveness in many aspects of his game. For example, with each pitch where he doesn’t swing, he exaggerates getting out of the way of the ball by throwing out his backside. It looks kinda funny, but he does this to influence the ump’s call and get more calls in his favor.

When he is next up to bat, he stands back against the wall, inching closer and closer behind the umpire and batter. Why? He’s trying to get a sneak peak at the pitcher’s stuff to be better prepared when he gets up.

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Lessons from the Hike to False Kiva

My wife Allison and I got back from a vacation in Moab, Utah a few weeks ago – yes, contrary to popular belief Fred Becker does let me take a day off now and again – and I wanted to share a unique experience we had in Canyonlands National Park, which is is spectacular. You’ve seen some of the more popular vistas on TV and in movies, from Thelma and Louise to Indiana Jones, but there are many others that are equally amazing and will make your jaw drop. On our first night we went into Moab for dinner, wandered into Tom Till’s photo gallery, and saw an amazing picture entitled ‘Ruin in a Cave’. The description said it was from a hike to ‘False Kiva’ in Canyonlands, and was one of the most distinctive pictures we had ever seen.  We decided then and there to add that hike to our must-do list.

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