Does your credit union do prospective employee testing?

I just watched NAFCU’s live webcast, “Implementing an Effective Employee Assessment Program,” presented by our good friends at Human Capital Solutions Group and Andrews Federal Credit Union.

There are many benefits to testing new hire candidates and current employees (applying for new roles) on things like cognitive ability, integrity, job knowledge, and personality. In fact, it has been determined that cognitive ability tests are three times more predictive of a candidate’s ability than experience in the job and four times more predictive than education. Yikes.

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What Would Derek Jeter Do?

Normally I don’t bring up that I’m a Yankees fan. It doesn’t go over well. But it’s that exciting time of year, when my team has won the division and is looking good heading into October.

It is the Yankee’s competitiveness that makes them so fun to watch. And captain Derek Jeter is a great example. He does it all. He has won 5 Gold Gloves and five World Series, and he recently became a member of the 3,000 hits club. He takes winning (and the Yankees) to a new level.

Derek JeterYou can see Derek Jeter’s competitiveness in many aspects of his game. For example, with each pitch where he doesn’t swing, he exaggerates getting out of the way of the ball by throwing out his backside. It looks kinda funny, but he does this to influence the ump’s call and get more calls in his favor.

When he is next up to bat, he stands back against the wall, inching closer and closer behind the umpire and batter. Why? He’s trying to get a sneak peak at the pitcher’s stuff to be better prepared when he gets up.

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Top Six (Free) Webcasts in the NAFCU Services Library

Our partners are on the front lines with credit unions every day, and while you may only have experience with your credit union, the odds are that our Preferred Partners have worked with hundreds or even thousands. They can bring perspective and common problem-solving to bear on practically any topic.

At NAFCU Services, we try to help the knowledge transfer process by capturing the expertise of our Preferred Partners in digital format—in webcasts, webinars, podcasts and white papers that are archived in our NAFCU Services Partner Library. We are up to 180 and counting, and best of all they are free to ALL credit unions!

Check out our top six most popular webcasts over the last couple of years:

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Six free market analysis tools for loan officers

Steve Richman is the national spokesperson for Genworth Mortgage Insurance and a sales trainer of loan officers. When he says sales trainer, he means it – Steve has taught over 50,000 lending executives.

Steve recently visited our offices at NAFCU to tape a series of educational webcasts specifically for credit unions. (And we really hope he speaks at our Strategic Growth Conference next year.) 🙂

The primary focus of Steve’s work is aimed at helping credit unions across the country increase their lending activity. In this first webcast of a four-part “Planning for a Purchase Market” series with NAFCU Services, he describes six free online market analysis tools and how best to use them.

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Five Questions to Ask About Your Credit Union’s Website

Does your credit union analyze its website traffic? Digging into your website analytics can give you a feel for the scope of your website as a communication vehicle, help you understand characteristics about your members and prospects, and uncover new marketing opportunities for your credit union. Designed for the busy executive, here are five questions to help jumpstart a conversation with your web and/or marketing team.

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